Colorado Real Estate License

Colorado Real Estate License

It may seem annoying to get your Colorado real estate license, but no problem, we’ll direct you through the process. While in Colorado real estate license lookup, you need to consider some prerequisites. You can use the dora real estate license lookup tool to see if an agent is licensed.

How do I get my real estate license in Colorado?

Read about the steps you need to follow to start your real estate career in Colorado. Visit Colorado Division of Real Estate website to read how much it costs to get your real estate license.

You must be at least 18 years of age to start. You must complete successfully an accepted 168 clock-hour Pre-Licensing course. For licensed attorneys, those who have earned a degree from a university with a major course of study in real estate, former licensees, or those with a current license in another jurisdiction seeking a license in Colorado, please see the website of the DORA Division of Real Estate and the license qualification grid that outlines the education and exam criteria for each applicant’s unique condition.

You must take and pass a course final exam at the end of each course. Each course’s final exam consists of either 20 questions or 50 questions, depending on the course length.

You have to take a final program exam after completing the whole 168-hour program. There are 100 state-specific questions and 100 national questions in this final exam, and the minimum passing score is 75 percent.

First, you’ll take the PSI-administered Colorado Real Estate Broker Licensing Exam and pass it. This exam consists of an 80-question National section with a 120-minute time allowance and a 110-minute time allowance for a 74-question State portion. See the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin for more information.

Next, you must then file a set of fingerprints with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. These fingerprints are used to perform a Colorado and federal fingerprint-based criminal history background check using information from the CBI and the FBI.

Before receiving an active license, you must have an E&O insurance policy in place. Click here for more detail.

For new license applicants, the Colorado Division of Real Estate’s Online Services uses eLicense to apply for their broker license, and for current licensees to manage their license.

Register with eLicense and follow the directions to apply for your broker’s license officially. You can use real estate license lookup Colorado tool at the top of this page. This DORA Colorado real estate license lookup tool makes it easy to check the license status. Also, learn how to use a Colorado real estate license lookup tool to verify credentials before hiring an agent.

How much does a real estate license cost in Colorado?

The current license fee is $500.00 and the broker’s license renewal fee is $195.00. The Broker exam fee is $71.00. In the state, real estate jobs are abundant and experts anticipate continued development.

As you work toward your license, keep the co real estate license lookup tool at the top of this website handy.



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